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We are delighted to announce Kev Castle as the new President of Beeston Musical Theatre Group. Kev will no doubt be a familiar name – and voice – to many theatre lovers in the region with his widely-read theatre reviews blog as well as his weekly show on Nottingham Hospitals Radio.

As a long term friend and supporter of BMTG, Kev was the obvious choice when we learnt that Sue Wildey was to step down from the position this year after 6 years in the role. After being unanimously voted in at this year’s AGM in February, we’re looking forward to working with Kev and really hope knows what he’s let himself in for … And of course we’d like to offer our most sincere thanks to Sue for her years of suffering support and wish her all the very best as she heads to sunnier climes!

“When I was approached about being the new President of Beeston Musical Theatre Group, I must admit I was a little bit surprised. As a presenter on Nottingham Hospitals Radio and theatre reviewer (self appointed), I couldn’t think of why I’d be considered for such a position. I have no theatrical training and know very little of what it takes to put on a theatre show. I’m hoping that it was because of my love for the art.

Being an avid theatre goer throughout the East Midlands, and by having guests on my radio show, I have gained a smidgen of knowledge of what it takes to present a successful theatrical show, something I know that BMTG have done and will continue to do

It is my great pleasure to accept such a position as President and I’m honoured that several members thought me worthy of this post and put my name forward; I just hope that I can prove my worth. BMTG are one of my favourite theatre groups, not only because of the amazing productions they present, but because the people involved are so warm, welcoming, talented and grounded.

Thank you for putting your faith in me for this role and I’m looking forward to continue promoting the group and getting to know you all.”

Kev’s blog can be found at
And you can hear him presenting the Sunday morning radio show on Nottingham Hospitals Radio –