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On the 12th February 2016 we lost one of our most staunch and loyal supporters when Michael Cottee sadly passed away.

Michael first became involved with Beeston Operatic Society in the late 1980’s, initially in a social capacity and then became a member – but never in a singing capacity! He was elected to the Committee as Subscriptions and Patrons Secretary in 1997 and then in 2000 stood for and was elected tot he post of Chairman. In 2003 Michael spearheaded the change of name of the society from BOS to BMTG and was the force behind us obtaining the rights to perform “Jesus Christ Superstar” in 2006. This was one of the many highlights of his chairmanship and he was exceedingly proud of the production – and the group. AS one half of set building team Statler and Waldorf with David Hinchliffe, and under the guidance of Celia Birch, he helped build the breathtaking set for JCS and for many other productions before and after that too.

Michael led the committee for eight years and was a very “Hands On” Chairman. He took on whatever tasks were necessary from writing letters to building scenery stores and sets, from preparing budgets to preparing BBQ’s, from Box Office Manager to Website Manager and everything in between. He was passionate about our group and did everything he could to improve, promote and support BMTG. When he resigned to let someone younger take over he was made an Honorary Life Member. He went back to being Subs and Pats secretary (he didn’t want to leave the Committee) and was subsequently elected Vice Chairman to assist the new Mad Chair, Lisa Smith. He held this post until 2015 when, due to failing health, he grudgingly had to relinquish all involvement with the administration of our group after being heavily involved for so many years; at the AGM that year he was made Vice President.

Michael’s health deteriorated rapidly in late 2015/early 2016 and he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma on the 5th February. He sadly passed away in the City Hospital Haematology Unit just one week later, surrounded by his family. He was 79 years old – just 6 weeks away from celebrating his 80th birthday. Michael’s funeral was held on the the 2nd March and was attended by over 100 people, many from BOS/BMTG who attended to bid him a fond “Adieu”.

The BMTG Committee has decided that our chosen charity for 2016 will be Myeloma UK in honour of Michael who, despite not being able to sing a note, embraced BOS/BMTG with both hands for so many years and gave unfailing service at all times. He loved BMTG and was fiercely proud and protective of the group and its members.

Our chosen charity for 2016 is Myeloma UK.

Registered as a charity in 1997, Myeloma UK is the only organisation in the UK focussed on myeloma. They are helping patients live longer and with a better quality of life.
How? By accelerating the discovery and development and access to new treatments, while helping their families cope with everything a diagnosis of Myeloma brings.