The Great Summer Charity Mop Chop!

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On 30th July our member Chris will be heading over to Cast Hairdressing in Beeston to have his long locks cut off in the transformation to become leading man Robbie Hart in the musical comedy The Wedding Singer.

Now, as Chris hasn’t had his hair cut in ten years we thought it would be a good opportunity to raise money for our chosen charity Myeloma UK. Read about why Myeloma UK is our chosen charity for 2016.

“After ten years of growth, it is finally happening, I am getting my hair cut! Now if we are being entirely honest, then I have had haircuts in that time, and the last one was in 2012, but they were all just small trims, and my hair has only grown even more as a result. I started growing my hair such a long time ago that I can barely remember the reason I did so, but it has always been a part of who I am as a result. This year however I have had the good fortune to land a leading role in the BMTG production of “The Wedding Singer”, and so the mop must be chopped! This will also be a farewell to my facial hair in its entirety, and as many of you might be aware I had grown quite attached to my beard. We have chosen to do this as a sponsored haircut for the group’s chosen charity; Myeloma UK, after we sadly lost one of our long-standing and much loved members to the illness earlier this year. My ponytail will also be donated to a group that make wigs for children as well. I will certainly miss having long hair and a beard, but now that I know it is happening I have to admit I am a little excited and interested to see how it turns out!”


The guys at Cast Hairdressing (114 to 116 High Road, Beeston) have very kindly offered to carry out the Mop Chop free of charge and will be seeing Chris a week before the cut to have a consultation.
As well as raising money in aid of Myeloma UK Chris will also be donating his long locks to the Little Princess Trust who make human hair wigs for children with hair loss caused by cancer treatment and illnesses. More information about this charity can be found on their website

If you would like to make a donation to our chosen charity then you can do so online at or speak to Chris who has a sponsor form.