Jekyll & Hyde Facade and Murder Murder

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Rehearsals are in full swing for Jekyll and Hyde! Last week Spider (Abby Riddell) was laying down her law on the streets of Victorian London teaching us a thing or two about whats really lurking behind the masks of mankind. The ensemble led by Spider really set the dark, intense, high energy of this number early in Act one “Facade” that casts the back drop for our telling of the classic tale.

Next we jumped to another of the biggest numbers in the show in act two: Murder! Murder! (Spoiler alert there will be more than one brutal murder in this show). With Spider at the helm again, the people of London are whipped into a frenzy of the cruel, sadistic murder of…well you’ll just have to come see to find out!

Enjoy the gallery below for a taste of whats to come, with some brilliant reactions of the cast, choreographer (Jodie Cresdee) and director (Beth Yearsley) to one particularly brutal scene.