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Urinetown auditons!

Following on from the smash shows, ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ and ‘Throughly Modern Mille’, Beeston Musical Theatre Group are looking for talented new members to join the cast of Urinetown!

Strong singing and character acting is required. Especially looking for men to fill the various male roles within the show. Below are details of the show and audition info!

‘It is the near future. The human activity has led to water shortages. People live in cities and are forced to visit only the public toilets to relieve themselves. Mega-concern ‘Urine Good Company’ holds control over such institutions. The life of the population depends on the decisions of the toilet authorities. Everyone has to pay for the natural needs; if he is unable to do this – he forcibly send to Urinetown. What is happening in Urinetown is unknown but no one returned from there…..’

Urinetown is a dark comedy, full of fantastic songs and quirky characters. This show will give its performers the chance to showcase their vocal abilities to the fullest and allow for great character acting.

If this has got you as excited as us, then please download the full audition pack via the link below. If you are interested in joining the group for this show, the directors’ emails are included within the audition pack on the last page. Please email and a link for the sign up page will be provided.

We hope to see you there!