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A sit down with… Muzzy




Sasha Cornelius will be playing the role of Muzzy in our upcoming production of Throughly Modern Millie.

We caught up with Sascha during rehearsals to find out how she’s finding being a new member of BMTG and what musicals float her boat…


Who is Sascha?

I’ve just graduated from the University of Nottingham and I love the city so much I’ve decided to stay. I’m originally from North London so I often had the chance to see musicals on the West End and I’ve been performing ever since my parents would let me! I was part of the university’s musical theatre group and was hugely involved – performing, producing and secretary-ing – so now that I’ve finished uni, I’m throwing myself into the local am-dram scene.

What’s your role in the show? Tell me about your part.

I play Muzzy Van Hossmere, a very glamorous and fun nightclub singer, who takes Millie under her wing and gives her lots of good advice about life and love. There are a couple of really touching moments between Muzzy and Millie, which has been great for me because I’ve known Lucy (Millie) for five years but this is the first show where we’ve been able to perform alongside one another.

What makes you Thoroughly Modern?

I’m an out-and-proud feminist so I fully support Millie’s decision to move to New York, reinvent herself and find opportunities that didn’t exist in her hometown. I’m definitely not afraid of painting my lips, raising my skirts and pencil-lining my brow.

Tell me about your journey with BMTG so far.

This is my first show with the group, but a few of my stagey friends from uni have been a part of BMTG for a while. I saw their brilliant production of Spamalot last year, and as soon as I heard Thoroughly Modern Millie was on the cards I knew I had to audition.

What do you love about the group?

There’s a huge effort from everyone to be friendly. The group audition process was intimidating at first but I got so many genuine compliments and was made to feel like a part of the group from the very beginning, which was a huge confidence boost. Because of my character, I’m not in many full cast rehearsals, but even so, I feel like I’ve made some really strong friendships and I can’t wait to have even more fun with everyone in show week.

What’s your favourite musical?

That is a completely unfair question and like asking somebody to pick their favourite child. I like Legally Blonde for the feel-good motivation, Spring Awakening for the deeply moving and accurate portrayal of teen angst, Hair for the summer of love vibes and expressiveness, and Once On This Island for the Caribbean fairytale and because it was the first lead role I ever played.

What’s your dream role to play?

Again, I couldn’t possibly pick one! At the moment I’d say Ronny in Hair because she was the first character I saw on a professional stage with my skin tone and hair texture, or Regina George in Mean Girls the Musical because I can’t get over what Taylor Louderman does with her voice, she is incredible on the soundtrack.


Sascha’s past theatre credits:

Sister Act – Producer (Musicality)
Anything Goes – Reno’s Angel (Musicality)
Once On This Island – Ti Moune (Full Circle, Finchley)
Just So – Kolokolo Bird (Full Circle, Finchley)