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A sit down with… Miss Flannery




Cheryl will be playing the role of Miss Flannery in our upcoming production of Throughly Modern Millie.

We caught up with Cheryl during rehearsals to find out about her BMTG journey and what she thinks of the rehearsals so far…

Who are you playing in the show Cheryl? 

I play Peggy Flannery – an old maid who has been ‘left on the shelf’ by her old flame Barney. Miss Flannery is the Supervisor in charge of the Stenographers at Sincere Trust. She is a bit of a dragon but has a very soft spot for Mr Gilmore (her boss)

What makes you thoroughly modern? 

I am not remotely modern. I do not like the rouged, painted, short skirted misses with bobbed hair and have no time for them.

Tell us about your BMTG journey so far… 

I have been a member of BMTG since 1989 – when we were still Beeston Operatic Society – and have performed in numerous shows both as leading lady and in the chorus.  I have always loved singing. As a child, I used to perform concerts in the back garden and charge the local children a penny to come along!  I performed in shows at school then in various societies. I have also sung in the working men’s clubs, miner’s welfares etc in the late 70’s and early 80’s as a duo with my husband Steve and we are both currently in a trio – ‘Songs4U’.

What is your favourite musical? 

My favourite has always been Phantom closely followed by Les Miserables.

What is your dream role? 

I have had my share of wonderful roles already and there are so few for the ‘more mature lady’ that I am always glad to be able to perform any suitable part!

How are rehearsals going? 

I seem to have been lucky enough to be on holiday lots and missed so many rehearsals that I have a lot of work to do to catch up!



Cheryl’s past theatre credits:

  1. Eliza Dolittle (My Fair Lady)
  2. Mabel (Pirates of Penzance)
  3. Anna Glavari (The Merry Widow)
  4. Sarah Brown (Guys and Dolls)
    Laurey (Oklahoma)