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A sit down with… Miss Dorothy




Cat Tuckey is playing the role of Miss Dorothy in our upcoming show.  Find our what her favourite musicals are, why she loves BMTG and whether she is ‘throughly modern’ below…




Tell us about your role in the show

I play Miss Dorothy, an orphan from California who’s moved to the big city to pursue an acting career. She’s more excited about seeing “how the other half lives” though, so her and Millie get on immediately! But you’ll have to wait and see whether she’s successful…

What makes you Thoroughly Modern?

Taking part in this musical, and that’s about it! I’m relatively old fashioned in my other hobbies.

Tell us about your journey with BMTG so far…

I joined in 2011 for Rent, and was thrilled to be cast as Maureen. Since then I’ve taken part in ‘Into The Woods’, ‘All Shook Up’, ‘Spamalot’ and two concerts with BMTG, and loved every one! But I’ve also met some of my best friends and my boyfriend here, so the journey has overflowed into the rest of my life too!

What do you love about the group?

I love socialising with the members, especially with the brilliant socials organised by the committee, but also the sense of family that comes across from auditions and the first rehearsal, all the way through to show week. Everyone supports each other and it’s a lovely atmosphere with the other members.

What’s your favourite musical?

My favourite tends to change on a weekly basis! But the musicals that often feature on my playlists include Legally Blonde, Hair, The Last Five Years, Phantom Of The Opera, Little Shop Of Horrors… How much space can I take up with these answers?!

What’s your dream role to play?

See my list of favourite musicals, and basically any lead from those!

How are rehearsals going?

Rehearsals are going really well! For me personally, I felt re-energised after coming back from my summer holiday and since then the level from everyone has been increasing every week! I’m really looking forward to show week!


Cat’s past theatre credits:

Laker Girl (Spamalot)
Matilda (All Shook Up)
Ensemble (Lights, Camera, Action)
The Baker’s Wife (Into The Woods)
Ensemble – (New York, New York)
Rona (The 25th Annual Putnum County Spelling Bee – Marvellous Productions)
Maureen (Rent)