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Our Just Giving page is now live!

As we head towards the reopening of theatres and community venues, we want to be prepared. We have been able to cover our running costs through the pandemic but now we need an injection of funding so that we can bring our next show back with a bang! Your donation will go towards the license, rehearsal and performance venue fees, costuming, props, our technical support staff, orchestra musicians, mics, set and marketing materials for the show. Our target is £1,000 which is only part of what it costs to put on a production. Patron donations and member fees are going towards the rest. By supporting us, you are also supporting the local community. In the lead up to the show we attend borough fetes, fun days and council events. All of our shows are performed at The Duchess Theatre at Chatsworth Arts Centre which is an important community venue and safe space for all ages. The changes that are happening in theatre and the arts over the next two years will define arts and culture in the UK. Your support is so important because it will ensure our future as part of this country’s cultural landscape.

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