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40 Years of BMTG Shows was performed at Round Hill Primary School, Beeston, between Thursday 12th April and Saturday 14th April 2007.To celebrate the societies 40th anniversary the spring concerts of 2007 were a collection of songs from our past show performances.

Act 1

Pre 1900

Hail Poetry – Pirates of Penzance,1879 – Chorus

When I, Good Friends, Was Call’d To The Bar – Trial By Jury, 1875 – Martin Holtom

Three Little Maids From School – The Mikado, 1885 – Cheryl Camm, Jacqui Almond, Kathryn McAuley


Vilia – The Merry Widow, 1905 – Cheryl Mills, Erica Coleman

Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man – Showboat, 1927 – Claire Baker,
David Heard, Gordon Fry, Jane Cottee, Kathryn McAuley,
Lisa Green-Smith, Luis Ogando, Ruth Maddison,
Stephanie Gray-Blest

Lay Me To Snooze In The Mud And The Ooze -The Vagabond King, 1926 – John Bush

One Kiss – The New Moon, 1928 – Claire Baker


Dear Little Waltz – Goodnight Vienna, 1936 – Catherine Furber, Jennifer Tinsdeall, Jeremy Whiteman, Jouni Soininen

I Can Give You The Starlight – Dancing Years, 1939 – Carolyn Smith, Jennie Ashworth

Once You Lose Your Heart – Me & My Girl, 1937 – Catherine Furber

It Would Be Wonderful – White Horse Inn, 1931 – Cheryl Camm, David Heard


Brush Up Your Shakespeare – Kiss Me Kate, 1948 – Louis Ogando,
Martin Holtom

This Is My Lovely Day – Bless the Bride, 1947 – Dan Bates, Jane Cottee

Someday My Heart Will Awake – Kings Rhapsody, 1949 – Kristen Hager

Fugue For Tinhorns – Guys & Dolls, 1950 – Dan Bates, John Bush, Matt Fry

My Mother’s Wedding Day – Brigadoon, 1947 – Jane Hough

Act 2

Rodgers & Hammerstein

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Carousel, 1945 – Chorus

This Nearly Was Mine – South Pacific, 1949 – Gordon Fry

We Kiss In The Shadow – The King And I, 1951 – Alison Lawrence, Dan Bates

I Cain’t Say No – Oklahoma!, 1943 – Mina Machin


I’m Not At All In Love – The Pajama Game, 1954 – Claire Baker, Kristen Hager, Mary Marks, Stephanie Gray-Blest

I Haven’t Found The Right Man Yet – The Gypsy Baron, 1955 – Cheryl Camm, Dan Bates, Gordon Fry, Jouni Soininen, Louis Ogando

Men!- Calamity Jane, 1953 – Jane Hough

Stranger In Paradise – Kismet, 1953 – Jennifer Tinsdeall, Matt Fry

Murphy’s Pig – Summer Song, 1955 – Mina Machin


Show Me – My Fair Lady, 1956 – Carolyn Smith, Jeremy Whiteman

The Umpire’s Song – Batsman’s Bride, 1957 – Chorus

Big Spender – Sweet Charity, 1966 – Catherine Furber, Cheryl Camm, Jacqui Almond, Kathryn McAuley, Kristen Hager, Lisa Green-Smith

Heaven Help My Heart – Chess, 1984 – Ruth Maddison

Could We Start Again Please – Jesus Christ Superstar, 1970 – Alison Lawrence, John Bush

In Love – Viva Mexico, 1971 – Erica Coleman

The Future

There’s No Business Like Show Business – Annie Get Your Gun, 1946 – Chorus

The Cast & Crew

The Chrous

Alison Lawrence, Carolyn Smith, Catherine Furber,
Cheryl Camm, Cheryl Mills, Claire Baker, Dan Bates,
David Heard, Dorothy Woodall, Erica Coleman, Gordon Fry,
Jacqui Almond, Jane Cottee, Jane Hough, Jennie Ashworth,
Jennifer Tinsdeall, Jeremy Whiteman, John Bush, Jouni Soininen,
Kathryn McAuley, Kristen Hager, Les Davies, Linda Howard,
Lisa Green-Smith, Louis Ogando, Martin Holtom, Mary Marks,
Matt Fry, Mick Green, Mina Machin, Mollie Harwood,
Neil Thompson, Philippa Dean, Roma Drinkwater,
Ruth Maddison, Sarah Stockley, Stephanie Gray-Blest,
Steve Mills, Weifeng Jiang

The Band

Bass – Jeff Widdowson
Clarinet & Flute – Lisa Mills
Keyboards – Gareth Jones
Percussion – Mark Davis

The Production Team

Musical Director – John Maddison
Programme & Poster -David Artiss