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Kiss Me Kate was performed at Round Hill Primary School between Monday 13th April and Saturday 18th April 2009.

The music and lyrics are by Cole Porter and the book by Sam & Bella Spewack. The great Cole Porter poured a huge amount of his best music into Kiss Me Kate. The score scintillates with hits like “Wunderbar”, “Always True To You In My Fashion”, “Why Can’t You Behave”, “Too Darned Hot” ….. a great stream of lovely melody allied to words by the wittiest lyricist America ever produced.

The Story of Kiss Me Kate

Actor/Manager Fred Graham and his ex-wife, movie star Lilli Vanessi, are to play the leads in a musical version of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the shrew, which he is producing. Fred is currently attracted to his new protégée, cabaret artiste Lois Lane, making her Shakespearian debut as Bianca.

Lilli is engaged to wealthy politician, Harrison Howell who she has persuaded to back the show to the tune of $200,000. Lilli feels snubbed by Fred’s attentions to Lois at the curtain-calls rehearsal.

Lois Lane’s long-term cabaret partner Bill Calhoun is to play the role of Lucentio. Bill, an inveterate gambler, has missed the final rehearsal because of a card-game at which he has signed a marker for $10,000 to cover his losses. Hard-up as usual he has used his new boss Fred Graham’s name and not his own, hence confusion ensues when two gangsters arrive to see about collecting the debt.Lilli received flowers from Fred, a replica of her wedding bouquet and for a while wonders whether their divorce had been a mistake. When she discovers from the card with the flowers that they were intended for Lois, she storms off to play the role of Katherine, the shrew, with more than usual zest.

The Story on Stage in Padua

Baptista Minola, a wealthy merchant, has two daughters, the fair Bianca and Katherine, known as Kate. Bianca is wooed by three ardent suitors: Gremio, Hortensio and Lucentio, but as the younger daughter, she cannot wed until a husband has been found for her sister. No easy task since Kate’s reputation as a shrew is well known in Padua. Petruchio arrives from Verona with the express intention of finding a wealthy wife. He is warned of Kate’s ill-temper by Lucentio but since Kate is rich the warning counts for naught!

Happy Endings…

In Petrucio’s attempt to tame Kate, Fred finds that art holds up a mirror to life reflecting his stormy relationship with Lilli. With the two stories inextricably intertwined Lilli threatens to walk out of the show to marry Harrison. Surprisingly, it is the gangsters who help to save the day.

Act 1

Scene 1 – Stage of Ford Theatre – Baltimore
Scene 2 – The Corridor – Back Stage
Scene 3 – Dressing Rooms of Lilli Vanessi & Fred Graham
Scene 4 – Padua
Scene 5 – Street Scene – Padua
Scene 6 – Backstage
Scene 7 – Dressing Room of Lilli Vanessi & Fred Graham
Scene 8 – The Church

Musical Numbers

Another Openin’, Another Show (Hattie & Chorus)
Why Can’t You Behave? (Lois & Bill)
Wunderbar (Lilli & Fred)
So In Love (Lilli)
We Open In Venice (Katharine, Petruchio, Bianca, Lucentio & Chorus)
Tom, Dick or Harry (Gremio, Lucentio, Hortensio & Bianca)
I’ve Come To Wive It Wealthily In Padua (Petruchio & Men)
I Hate Men (Katharine)
Where Thine That Special Face (Petruchio)
I Sing Of Love (Bianca, Lucentio & Chorus)
Finale Act 1 (Katharine, Petruchio & Chorus)

Act 2

Scene 1 – The Stage Door Alley
Scene 2 – Before The Curtain
Scene 3 – In front of Petruchio’s House
Scene 4 – The Corridor – Backstage
Scene 5 – Dressing Room of Lilli Vanessi & Fred Graham
Scene 6 – The Corridor – Backstage
Scene 7 – Before The Curtain
Scene 8 – Baptista’s House

Musical Numbers

Too Darn Hot (Paul, Men & Dancers)
Where Is The Life That Late I Lead?
Always True To You In My Fashion (Lois)
Bianca (Bill & Girls)
Reprise : So In Love Am I (Fred)
Brush Up Your Shakespeare (The Gangsters)
Women Are So Simple (Katharine)
Shrew Finale: So Kiss Me Kate (Full Company)
Grand Finale (Full Company)

The Cast & Crew

The Cast

Fred Graham / Petruchio – Martin Holtom
Lilli Vanessi / Katharine – Stephanie Gray-Blest
Bill Calhoun / Lucentio – Jouni Soininen
Lois Lane / Bianca – Morven Harrison
1st Gangster – Gui Gasser
2nd Gangster – Mick Green
General – Dan Bates
Pauline – Mina Machin
Hattie – Alison Lawrence
Gremio – Dan Mee
Hortensio – Dan Bates
Harry Trevor / Baptista – David Heard

The Chorus

Anna Town, Dorothy Woodall, Jacqui Almond, James Capel,
Jane Cottee, Jane Hough, Jennifer Tinsdeall, Jenny Allen,
Kathryn McAuley, Mollie Harwood, Naomi Cummins,
Roma Drinkwater, Sarah Stewart

Dance Troupe

Alison Lawrence, Anna Town, Jane Cottee,
Jennifer Tinsdeall, Jenny Allen, Jouni Soininen,
Kathryn McAuley, Mina Machin, Morven Harrison,
Sarah Stewart

The Production Team

Director – Linda Hardy
Assistant to the Director – Victoria Palmer
Musical Director – Morris Fisher
Choreographer – James Raynor
Repetiteur – Weifeng Jiang
Production Manager – Stuart Veitch
Assistant Production Manager – Jane Hough
Set Design – Celia Birch
Set Construction – Statler & Waldorf
Stage Manager – Lisa Green-Smith
Stage Hand – Craig Butterworth
Prompt – Ruth Maddison
Call Girl – Rachel Maddison
Sound – Jim Rolley-Parnell
Lighting – Mike and Margaret Beedham
Props – Jane Hough & Heather Newsham
Wardrove – Mina Machin and Violet Pegg
Make-Up – Anthea Hinchliffe
Front of House Manager – Claire Baker
Bar Manager – Rob Corner
Photogrpahy & Programme – Jacqui Almond, Stuart Veitch and Catherine Cotton

The Orchestra

Conductor – Morris Fisher
Keyboard – David Hails
Drums – Chris Brown
Bass – Jeff Widdowson
Reeds – Dawn Bratby, Sharon Cardwell, Lisa Mills
Brass – Lilla Stennet, Steve McDonald, Max Lax, Nadine Leeder