Into The Woods – October 2015

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Sondheim’s “Into The Woods” was our ‘award winning’ 2015 show, performed between 26th and 31st October at the Duchess Theatre

The show, with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine, weaves together the plots of several well known fairytales such as Little Red Ridinghood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella and Rapunzel along with the original tale of a childless couple of a baker and his wife and explores the story of how all of these characters quest for their happy endings … and then what happened to them once they got them!

The musical originally premiered in 1987 and has seen a resurgence of interest with a film adaptation in 2014.

Presented by arrangement with JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD on behalf of MUSIC INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK.

The Cast

Narrator: Anna McAuley
Cinderella: Claire Rybicki
Jack: George Lamb
Jack’s Mother: Mina Machin
Baker: Rob Charles
Baker’s Wife: Cat Tuckey
Cinderella’s Stepmother: Steph Gray-Blest
Lucinda: Keli Wain
Florinda: Ronja Brietkopf
Witch: Andrea Chapman
Red Riding Hood: Zoe Brinklow
Cinderella’s Mother: Kendra Korte
Mysterious Man: Keith Bird
The Wolf: Alex Grosse
Granny: Ruth Norris-Maddison
Rapunzel: Beth Yearsley
Cinderella’s Prince: Tim Yearsley
Rapunzel’s Prince: Kevin Chatten
Steward: Joshua McGregor
The Giant: Lisa Smith
Snow White: Laura Walton
Sleeping Beauty: Kayrakise Evans


Chris Bryan
Andy Bulmer
Jane Cottee
David Henderson
Naomi Cummins
Christine Walton

Production Team

Director and Choroegrapher: Craig Butterworth
Musical Director: Morven Harrison
Production Manager – Lisa Smith