New York New York – 2015

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The sights and sounds of New York have bewitched, mesmerized and dazzled generations, and are brought to life in a riot of colour, music and movement that shows how the city changes lives, makes (and loses) fortunes, and can make dreams come true just as quickly as it seems to shatter them.

From 27th – 30th May 2015,  BMTG members charted their own thrilling, captivating, exhausting journeys through New York’s history from the nineteenth century to the present day, as their hopes, dreams and ambitions take them from all over the world to the city so good, they named it twice.

Featuring songs from some of the most wonderful shows set in and about The Big Apple, New York, New York takes us on a whirlwind tour of the city that never sleeps, from the first sight of the Statue of Liberty to the roar and spectacle of Times Square. On the way, we meet the rich and the rundown, the great and the greedy, the dreamers and the schemers who live, love and laugh in the city, from its subway tunnels to its roofs that scrape the sky.

Act I:

One Hand, One Heart
Don’t Rain On My Parade
Somewhere That’s Green
At The Ballet
Fine Fine Line
World Outside Your Apartment
Suddenly Seymour

Act II:

Big Spender
Circle of Life
Empire State of Mind
Just Arrived

Beth Yearsley
Cat Tuckey
Cheryl Camm
Rob Charles
Claire Rybicki
Molly Harwood
Laura Cotton
Paul Gardner
Christine Walton
Steph Gray-Blest
Ian Baggott
Alex Grosse
Keith Bird
Kevin Chatten
Cathy Chatten
Keli Wain

Musical Director: Nathan Truesdale
Production Manager: Lisa Smith
Choreography: Keli Wain