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BMTG are pleased to present our next show: The Producers. Directed by Lucy Castle and George Lamb, Musical Direction by Chris Toon, Choreography by Lucy Castle.

Failing producer Max Bialystock is down on his luck after a string of failures on Broadway, when inspiration arrives in the form of his unsuspecting accountant Leo Bloom. Bloom unwittingly realises that more cash could be made from a flop – Bialystock’s speciality – than a successful show! After a little convincing, they team up and hatch an outlandish scheme to achieve their hopes and dreams. For Leo: to finally become a big time Broadway producer. For Max: to get filthy, stinking rich!

The plan is simple: find the worst play ever written, the worst director to take it to stage, the worst cast ever to perform it and they will become the producers of the worst show ever seen! Well unless they have somehow stumbled onto a smash hit, nothing could go wrong…

Adapted from the Mel Brooks film of the same name, it’s a hysterical, irreverent show that tells a story of greed, love and loss. Filled to the rafters with eccentric, crazy characters, from the secret ex-Nazi Franz Liebkind, to the flamboyantly homosexual Roger De Bris and his common-law assistant Carmen Ghia, to the insatiable patroness Hold Me-Touch Me, to the scintillating, sexy Swede who dreams of stardom; Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yansen Tallen Hallen Svaden Swanson…and many more!

Get your tickets now and join us for show-stopping hits and toe-tapping numbers such as ‘Springtime For Hitler’, ‘I Wanna Be A Producer’, ‘Keep It Gay’ and ‘When You Got It Flaunt It’, this one show will be one that you won’t want to miss!