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Me And My Girl was performed at the Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton, between Monday 30th September and Saturday 5th October 2002.

This show was chosen as a light-hearted comedy show, after the much more serious Chess the previous year.

It was our 35th year (hence the cake in the cast photo) and also the last show we performed as Beeston Operatic Society

The Story of Me and My Girl

Me & My Girl tells the story of Bill Snibson, a Cockney bloke who suddenly becomes hair to an earldom.The Hareford clan, a group of insufferable aristocrats, are clinging to their blue-blooded ways by the tips of their well-manicured fingers.

The family’s precarious financial situation can only be remedied by locating a legitimate heir to the earldom of Hareford.In due course an heir is found but, unfortunately for the haughty Harefords, he turns out to be the decidedly non-noble Bill Snibson, a swaggering Cockney from Lambert (it seems the late 13th Earl of Hareford had enjoyed at least one brief period of amorous slumming, secretly wedding a woman beneath his station).

The Earl’s will specifically states that the heir must be deemed a fit and proper person by the two very fit and proper executors Maria, Duchess of Dene, and Sir John Tremayne. A good-hearted woman beneath all her jewellery, the duchess is determined to make the best of the situation by transforming Snibson into a proper gentleman.

To complicate matters further, Snibson is madly in love with a girl he refuses to leave behind, fellow Cockney Sally Smith…

Act 1

Musical Numbers

A Weekend at Hareford
Thinking of No One But Me
Me and My Girl
The Family Solicitor
An English Gentleman
An English Gentleman (Reprise)
You Would, If You Could
Hold My Hand
The Family Solicitor (1st Reprise)
Once You Lose Your Heart
The Preparation Fugue
The Lambeth Walk

Act 2

Musical Numbers

The Sun Has Got His Hat On
Take It On The Chin
Once You Lose Your Heart (Reprise)
The Song of Hareford
The Family Solicitor (2nd Reprise)
Love Makes The World Go Round
Leaning on a Lamp-post
Finale : Love Makes The World Go Round / Me and My Girl (Reprises)
Curtain Call : The Lambeth Walk (Reprise)

The Cast & Crew

The Cast

Maria Duchess of Dene – Anthea Hinchliffe
Sophia Stainsley-Asterton – Oriel Dudson
Mrs Brown – Carolyn Smith
Bob Barking – Martyn Fowell
Constable – Steve Mills
Charles the Butler – Guy Benson
Major Domo – Paul Lemon
Housekeeper – Carolyn Smith
The Cook – Val Sutton
The Chef – David Artiss
Lady Brighton – Cheryl Mills
Mrs Worthington-Worthington – Roma Drinkwater
Bill Snibson – Colin Richmond
Sally Smith – Carrie-Anne Corner
Sir John Tremayne – David Heard
The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke – John Carley
Lady Jaqueline Carstone – Claire Farrand
Herbert Parchester – John Maddison
Sir Jasper Tring – Jack Simmons
Lord Battersby – John Henson
Lady Battersby – Jane Cottee
Telegraph Boy – Andrew Maddison

The Chorus

Dorothy Woodall, Fiona Ogando, Jane Hough, Naomi Cummins,
Oriel Dudson, Phillipa Dean, Sabrina Sacco

The Ancestors

David Artiss, Louis Ogando, Paul Lemon, Steve Mills

The Maids

Alison Joesbury, Alison Lawrence, Cheryl Camm,
Jacqui Almond, Katie Solomon

The Pearlies

Carolyn Smith, Louis Ogando, Martyn Fowell,
Penny Carter, Val Sutton

The Orchestra

Bass Guitar – Jeff Widdowson
Guitar – Liz Marsh
Keyboard – Andrew Booth, Becky Entwistle
Percussion – Brian Rodwell
Trumpet – Brian Winter, Charley Pendery
Violin – Gwen Hall
Woodwind – Alison Dennison, Chris Hopkinson, Pete Bullock

The Production Team

Director – John Blackwell
Stage Crew – Bill Skeavington, Richard Poyzer, Steve Biggs
Publicity – Rob Corner
Publicity Assistant – David Artiss, Claire Farrand
Programme Editor – Oriel Dudson
Wardrobe – Nina Blackwell, Brenda Skevington
Stage Crew – David Hinchliffe, Michael Dowdeswell
Musical Director – Russ Singleton
Chorus – Donna Weddell
Choreography – Donna Weddell
Répétiteur – Ruth Viles
Set Designer – Celia Birch
Stage Manager – Simon Sutton
Production Manager – Stuart Veitch
Property Manager – Margaret Knight
Lighting & Sound Engineer – Andy Onion
Front of House Manager – Tony Sutton