2004 – Songs We Love To Sing

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As per usual, we included the next show in the selection which, at the time, was going to be Jesus Christ Superstar. However, because of the destruction of the Duchess Theatre we changed the show to the Mikado but kept our original concert choices.

Musical Numbers

Jesus Christ Superstar

Heaven On Their Minds


Don’t Know How To Love Him

Everything’s Alright


Calamity Jane

The Deadwood Stage – Val Sutton

I Can Do Without You – Louis Ogando, Mina Machin

Adelaide – Louis Ogando

Black Hills

Secret Love – Penny Carter

Keep It Under Your Hat – Claire Farrand


Nobody’s Side – Cheryl Mills, Claire Farrand, Jacqui Almond, Jane Hough, Katie Solomon, Naomi Cummins, Ruth Maddison

Heaven Help My Heart – Katie Solomon

I Know Him So Well – Alison Lawrence, Penny Carter

You And I – Colin Richmond, Erica Coleman

Anthem – Paul Mills

Phantom Of The Opera

Phantom Of The Opera – Cheryl Mills, Paul Mills

Think Of Me – Anthea Hinchliffe, Cheryl Mills

Angel of Music

Music Of The Night – Paul Mills

All I Ask Of You – Cheryl Mills, Colin Richmond

Wishing You Were Somewhere Here Again

The Point Of No Return

Fiddler On The Roof

If I Were A Rich Man – David Heard

Matchmaker – Jacqui Almond, Jennie Ashworth, Katie Solomon, Naomi Cummins, Penny Carter, Ruth Maddison

Do You Love Me? – David Heard, Val Sutton

Far From The Home I Love – Erica Coleman

Sunrise Sunset – John Carley, Lisa Green-Smith, Luis Ogando, Naomi Cummins

Les Misérables

At The End Of the Day

I Dreamed a Dream – Jennie Ashworth

Castle On A Cloud

Do You Hear The People Sing – Colin Richmond

On My Own – Alison Lawrence

Bring Him Home – Paul Mills

Finale – Alison Lawrence, Colin Richmond, Jennie Ashworth, Paul Mills

The Production Team

Musical Director – Lisa Mills
Assistant Musical Director – Donna Weddell
Programme – Louis Ogando

The Band

Bass – Jeff Widdowson
Flute – Claire Husselbee
Keyboard – Steve Mills
Percussion – Mark Davis
Piano – Lisa Mills