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Jesus Christ Superstar was performed at Round Hill School in Beeston between Monday 17th April and Saturday 22nd April 2006.

983589_517042031734997_326812784_nJesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Introduced in 1970, it highlights the political and interpersonal struggles of Judas Iscariot and Jesus, and is told largely from Judas’s point of view. The action takes place within the last week of Jesus’ life, beginning with the entry into Jerusalem and ending with the Crucifixion. It includes such unforgettable songs as ‘I Don’t Know How To Love Him’, ‘Gethsemane’ and ‘Superstar’.

Originally appearing as a record because producers were afraid to take a chance on such a daring production, Jesus Christ Superstar eventually premiered at the Mark Hellinger Theatre in New York on October 12, 1971 and has since gone on to be revived as a West End and Broadway production and a feature film recorded in 1973 starring Ted Neeley and Carl Anderson. It’s revival on the West End and subsequent touring productions led to another staged musical film version in 2003 starring Glenn Carter as Jesus.

The Story of Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar chronicles the last seven days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth as seen 1619253_517041818401685_1989196901_nthrough the eyes of his disciple, Judas Iscariot, who has become disillusioned with Jesus and the movement he has created with his apostles.

At the opening, Judas agonizes over his perception that Jesus’ followers have become fanatical and unrealistic, hailing him as a God and twisting his words into monstrous prophecies. After all, in Judas’ mind, Jesus is only a man and a man with certain inconsistencies, as evidenced by his relationship with Mary Magdalene.

10150800_517041908401676_276970078_nAs the crowds in the street grow more and more out of control, the rift between Jesus and Judas grows. After watching Jesus lose control in the Temple, lashing out at the moneylenders and merchants, then begging to be left alone when a crowd of cripples and lepers surround him asking to be healed, Judas is more convinced than ever that the man from Nazareth is just that, a man, and nothing more.

He decides that Jesus, having lost control of the mob, has become dangerous and must be stopped. He goes to the priests and gives them all the information they need to catch Jesus alone so that they can take him prisoner without risking violence by the mob.After leading the soldiers to the Garden of Gethsemane, however, and watching the events that unfold, Judas soon realizes that he has been tricked by God into being the instrument of Jesus martyrdom.

Desperate, alone and full of guilt and remorse, Judas realises that the man from Nazareth will 1958528_517041861735014_1526491268_nbe remembered as a “Superstar,” and so hangs himself.Jesus is taken to Pontius Pilate who reluctantly agrees to the wishes of the gathering mobs and sentences him to death.The musical ends with the depiction of John chapter 19 verse 41 and Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice, his crucifixion.

Act 1

Musical Numbers

Heaven On Their Minds (Judas)
What’s The Buzz/Strange Thing, Mystifying (Jesus, Judas, Apostles, Mary, Apostle Women)
Everything’s Alright (Mary, Judas, Jesus, Apostle Women)
This Jesus Must Die (Caiaphas, Annas, High Priest)
Hosanna (Caiaphas, Jesus, Ensemble)
Simon Zealotes/Poor Jerusalem (Simon, Jesus, Ensemble)
Pilate’s Dream (Pilate)
The Temple (Jesus, Ensemble)
Everything’s Alright – Reprise (Mary, Jesus)
I Don’t Know How To Love Him (Mary)
Damned For All Time/Blood Money (Judas, Caiaphas, Annas, High Priest)

Act 2

Musical Numbers

Last Supper (Jesus, Judas, Apostles)
Gethsemane (Jesus)
The Arrest (Jesus, Judas, Peter, Apostles)
Peter’s Denial (Peter, Mary, Women)
Pilate And Christ (Pilate, Jesus, Caiaphas, Annas)
King Herod’s Song (Herod & Dancers)
Could We Start Again, Please? (Mary, Peter, Apostle Women)
Judas’ Death (Judas, Caiaphas, Annas)
Trial Before Pilate (Pilate, Jesus, Ensemble)
Superstar (Judas, Dancers, Ensemble)
Crucifixion (Jesus)
John 19:41 (Ensemble)

The Cast

Jesus – Paul Mills
John, friend of James – Gareth Jones
James, friend of John – John Carley
Thomas the doubter – John Bush
Matthew, the tax collector – Dan Bates
Andrew, brother of Peter – Chris Vaughan
Thadeaus – Weifeng Jiang
Bartholomew, friend of Philip – David Artiss
Philip, friend of Bartholomew – John Maddison
James, the brother – Peter Favell
Judas – Matt Fry
Pilate – Rob Corner
Mary – Alison Lawrence
Simon Zealotes – Craig Butterworth
Peter – Jonny Dagley
Herod – Louis Ogando
Annas – John Carley
Caiaphas – David Heard
Mary The Mother – Naomi Cummins

Mary (understudy) – Carolyn Smith
Simon Zealotes (understudy) – Jonny Dagley
Jesus (understudy) – Dan Bates
Judas (understudy) – Craig Butterworth

The Chorus

Anthea Hinchliffe, Claire Vandevelde, Dorothy Woodall,
Emma Watson, Erica Coleman, Jacqui Almond, Jane Cottee,
Jane Hough, Jennie Ashworth, Kathryn McAuley,
Lisa Smith, Mary Marks, Mina Machin,
Mollie Harwood, Naomi Cummins, Philippa Dean,
Rachel Pinhorn, Roma Drinkwater, Ruth Maddison

Apostle Women

Carolyn Smith, Cheryl Camm, Cheryl Mills, Stephanie Gray-Blest

The Orchestra

Bass – Jeff Widdowson
Clarinet/Flute/Sax – Claire Hussel
Conductor – Lisa Mills
Guitar – John Widdowson
Horn – Hannah Nevins
Keyboard – Alison Bailey, Becky Entwistle, Leon Wade
Lead Guitar – Nick Alexander
Percussion – Graham Sykes
Trumpet – Danny Ortiz

The Production Team

Producer & Musical Director – Lisa Mills
Wardrobe – Mina Machin, Violet Pegg
Make-up – Anthea Hinchliffe, Claire Farrand, Lisa Mills
Call Girl – Rachel Maddison
Front Of House – David Hinchliffe
Bar Manager – Nicole Ireland
Poster Design – David Artiss
Show Programme – Stuart Veitch
Wardrobe – Anthea Hinchliffe
Props – Andrew Maddison, Claire Farrand
Assistant Musical Director – Donna Smith
Production Manager – Stuart Veitch
Set Design – Celia Birch
Set Construction – Mike Cottee, David Hinchliffe
Stage Manager – Colin Cort
Sound – Channel Zero, Andy Onion
Lighting – Mike Beedham, Margaret Beedham
Props – Emma Watson
Choreographer – Donna Smith