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The Pirates of Penzance was performed at The Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton, between the 28th of October to the 2nd of November 2013.

The story concerns Frederic, who, having completed his 21st year, is released from his apprenticeship to a band of tender-hearted pirates. He meets Mabel, the daughter of Major-General Stanley, and the two young people fall instantly in love. Frederic finds out, however, that he was born on 29 February, and so, technically, he only has a birthday each leap year. His apprenticeship indentures state that he remains apprenticed to the pirates until his 21st birthday, and so he must serve for another 63 years. Bound by his own sense of duty, Frederic’s only solace is that Mabel agrees to wait for him faithfully.

The Story of The Pirates of Penzance

Act 1

On the rocky shores of Cornwall the pirates are celebrating the coming of age of their apprentice, Frederic. Ruth , a piratical maid-of-all-work, reveals that Frederic’s apperticeship was due to error, but the lad was so obsessed with his sense of duty that he resolved to serve his time faithfully. His indentures now completed, he announces that it is his duty to return to civilisation and devote himself heart and soul to the pirates’ extermination.

Ruth tries to persuade Frederic to take her with him. Frederic has doubts – he has been constantly at sea since he was eight years old, and Ruth is the only woman he has ever seen – but she manages to convince him that she would make him an ideal wife despite the vast different in their ages. Her plan is thwarted, however, by the arrival of a bevy of beautiful maidens and Frederic’s breath is taken away! The girls, all daughters of Major-General Stanley, are attracted to him but, despite assurances that he is about to renounce his vile preofession, they all reject his advanecs – all, that is, except Mabel who offers her heart to him. Frederic warns that the pirates are on their way but, before the girls can escape, the pirates appear, overpower them and announce their intention to marry them at once. The Major-General arrives and introduces himself. He tells the pirates that he is an orphan and if they were to marry his daughters he would be left to go through the remainder of his life unfriended, unprotected and alone. The pirates (who are far too tender-hearted) are so moved by his eloquence that they agree to give up on the first-rate opportunity to get married.

Musical Numbers

Pour, O Pour The Pirate Sherry (Pirates & Samuel)
When Frederic Was A Little Lad (Ruth)
Oh, Better Far To Live And Die (Pirate King & Pirates)
Oh, False One, You Have Deceived Me (Frederic & Ruth)
Climbing Over Rocky Mountain (Girls, Edith & Kate)
Stop, Ladies, Pray! (Frederic, Edith, Kate & Girls)
Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast (Frederic, Mabel & Girls)
Poor Wandering One! (Mabel & Girls)
What Ought We To Do (Edith, Kate & Girls)
How Beautifully Blue The Sky (Girls, Mabel & Frederic)
Stay We Must Not Lose Our Senses (Frederic, Girls & Pirates)
Hold Monsters (Mabel, Samuel, Major General, Girls & Pirates)
I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General (Major General, Girls & Pirates)
Oh, Men Of Dark And Dismal Fate (Major General, Pirate King & Ensemble)

Act 2

The Major-General sits in a ruined chapel on his estate, suffering pangs of guilt, and confesses to Frederic that he lied to the pirates about being an orphan. Frederic comforts him and introduces the expeditionary force of local policemen who are going to assist him to sweep the pirates from the face of the earth. The apprehensive policemen take a lot of persuading before setting off on their dangerous mission. Frederic prepares to follow them but he is accosted by the Pirate King and Ruth who reveal a startling paradox. They produce Frederic’s articles which state that he was apprenticed until he reached his twenty-first birthday. Unfortunately, he was born in leap year on February 29th and thus, going by birthdays, he is only five-and-a-quater. Frederic is horrified but his sense of duty dictates that he must return to the pirates and, furthermore, tell them of the Major-General’s duplicity.

Thhe furious Pirate King determines on a wift and terrible revenge. Frederic tells the dreadful news to Mabel, who promises to wait for him. She summons the police and informs them that they must capture the pirates alone. After pondering on their unhappy lot, the constabulary hear the pirates approaching and quickly hide. The pirates enter and prepare for attack. Major-General Stanley and his daughters appear and are seized by the pirates. The position, however, is quickly reversed when the police appear and charge the pirates to yeild “in Queen Vicotria’s name”; the pirates, overcome with loyalty to their Queen, do so. The arrest of the pirates is only prevented when Ruth reveals that they are, in fact, noblemen who have gone wrong. This discolsure puts a wholly diferent aspect on the situation – as far as Major-General Stanley is concered “peers will be peers” and he bids the pirates “resme your ranks and legislative duties, and take my daughters, all of whom are beauties”. Frederic and Mabel are reunited and the Major-General is happy to marry his daughters to the noble pirates after all.

Musical Numbers

O, Dry The Glistening Tear (Girls & Mabel)
Then, Frederic, Let Your Escort Lion-Hearted (Major General & Frederic)
When The Forman Bares His Steel (Sergeant, Mabel, Edith, Major General, Police & Girls)
Now For The Pirates’ Lair! (Frederic, Pirate King & Ruth)
When You Had Left Our Pirates Fold (Pirate King, Ruth & Frederic)
My Eyes Are Fully Open (Frederic, Ruth & Pirate King)
Away, Away! My Hearts On Fire (Ruth, Pirate King & Frederic)
All Is Prepared (Mabel & Frederic)
Stay, Frederic, Stay! (Mabel & Frederic)
Sorry Her Lot (Mabel)
No, I Am Brave! (Mabel, Sergeant & Police)
When A Felon’s Not Engaged In His Employment (Sergeant & Police)
A Rollicking Band Of Pirates We (Pirates, Sergeant & Police)
With Cat-Like Tread, Upon Our Prey We Steal (Pirates, Police, Samuel, Frederic & Pirate King)
Hush, Hush! Not A Word (Frederic, Pirates & Police)
Sighing Softly To The River (Major General & Ensemble)
Poor Wandering One (Everyone)

The Cast & Crew

The Cast

Mabel: Beth Yearsley
Frederic: Sam Barson
The Pirate King: Kevin Chatten
Ruth: Mina Machin
Samuel: Nathan Miles
Major-General Stanley: Martin Holtom
Edith: Claire Rybicki (Kendra Korte – Sat eve performance)
Kate: Jodie Cresdee
Isabel: Jenny Allen
Sergeant of Police: Rob Holsman


David Artiss, Cheryl Camm, John Carley, James Capel,
Rob Charles, Jane Cottee, Roma Drinkwater, Heidi Hargreaves,
Mollie Harwood, Richard Heappey, Laura Walton, George Lamb,
John Maddison, Ruth Maddison, Molly Nicholson, Dudley Pound,
Lisa Smith, Eveline Theones, Rachel Patti, Christopher Vaughan, Keli Wain, Laura Walton,
Dorothy Woodall, Tim Yearsley

The Band

Piano: Roy Cunnington
Bassoon: Deena Draycott
Clarinet: Chris Toon
Bass: Jeff Widdowson
Flute/Piccolo: Erica Clennell
Horn: Lilla Stennett
Oboe: Katy Homden
Percussion: Nick Anderson
Violin: Gwen Hall