Jekyll & Hyde – May 2018

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May 2018 took us on one man’s journey to find the answer to one of life’s biggest mysterious.
Is man truly good or evil?

With music by Frank Wildhorn and book by Leslie Bricusse, Jekyll & Hyde offers up a score that pumps out one captivating tune after another which combines with the darkness of the subject matter to give you all the ingredients for a truly killer show. We put our own twist on the production and brought something fresh to this tragic tale of a man battling his inner demons.


Jekyll & Hyde– George Mercer
Emma Carew – Claire Rybicki
Lucy Harris – Lily Taylor-Ward
Spider – Abby Riddell
Gabriel John Utterson – Rob Charles
Simon Stride – Chris Bryan
Sir Danvers Carew – John Henson
Nellie – Mariko Jones
The Bishop of Basingstoke – David Hurt
General Glossop – John Hand
Sir Proops – David Artiss
Lady Beaconsfield – Cheryl Camm
Lord Savage – Andy Wallace
Poole – Andy Bulmer


Katie Bird
Carrie-Anne Corner
Lucy Castle
Jane Cottee
Claire Farrand-Preston
Garreth Frank
Sandy Lane
Mina Machin
Rachel Maddison
Cheryl Mills
Laura Such
Hollie Smith
Jackie Rawling


Director – Beth Yearsley
Musical Director – Sam Griffiths
Choreographer – Jodie Cresdee
Rehearsal Pianist – Daniel DaBell
Production Manager – Lisa Smith
Set design and stage management – Lisa Smith, Garry Smith
Stunt fight coordinator – Chris Bryan

“Jekyll & Hyde” was performed at the Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton from 22nd – 26th May 2018